Breathe Easy Juice

Skill Level: Easy

Yield : 3

Servings : 3

Prep Time : 5m

Cook Time : 5m

Ready In : 5m

Recipe Type: Fruit Juice Recipes, Other Recipes, Veggie Juice Recipes

Tags: Breathe Easy Juice, carrots, green apple, juice, juices, lemon, Omega Juicer, Omega Juicers, Omega Juices, omega recipes, radishes

Carrots are known for dispelling excess mucus from the body.  You can also throw in some celery for its super cleansing power.


5 Carrots

6 Radishes with leaves

1 Green Apple

1/2 Lemon


Step 1

Juice in your Omega Juicer

Step 2

Serve and enjoy!

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